Fashion PR Fridays


Social media has become a vital piece of technology in the world of Public Relations. PR agencies are able to use sites such as tumblr, instagram, facebook and twitter in order to get press releases and news out quickly and to a mass audience. This is the same in the world of Fashion Public Relations. A site “created by fashion PR and marketing expert Crosby Noricks” dedicates a day a week to get all news events, as seen on social media sites, on a page of the blog. This is called Fashion PR Fridays. Here the audience can see all the latest news and press releases from fashion companies. With this, the news goes to more people, quicker, making the company more aware to audiences. This brings in more profit in a way that doesn’t have a high cost. By just posting this information online, profitability increases due to the amount of “sharing”and “linking” that is done online.
Having a reputable PR site, such as this one, (which has won awards such as iMedia 25 2012 Marketing Innovators, Top 50 PR/Marketing Blogs, 2012, Cision, Top 25 PR Blogs, 2011, 2010, PR Web, and the list goes on), makes a big impact on who sees such news events like Fashion PR Fridays. A reputable blog and a reputable PR agency goes a long way in social media and makes a bigger profit for the companies that they are representing. This type of marketing, with videos, press releases, and new products via social media is a successful way for a fashion PR agency to reach a large audience, therefore making more profitability.


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