Within the realms of Fashion PR, social media is a key tool to network, gain internships and ultimately jobs within the field. Fashion PR agencies send out tweets, facebook statuses, blogs and instagram, among others, to let all who are interested about internship and job opportunities. After a recent scandal involving her ex-assistant, Kelly Cutrone publicized that she was seeking a new assistant. She went around this in various different ways in relations to social media looking for resumes and people interested in the position.

While she first made it apparent that she was looking for a new assistant via her Facebook status, a Fashion PR site, called PR Couture, took this information and posted it for everyone looking for an opening. Here they expanded on the requirements; New York based professional with at least two years experience. With this they must have strong executive skills and have experience with fashion, not just PR. Here you can also find Cutrone’s contact details if you believe that you have what she is looking for.

On the same site, there is a section where people interested in working for a fashion PR agency can look for internships and careers. Here big named companies post exactly what they are looking for and what qualifications are needed. With jobs such as PR Assistant, Fashion PR Intern and Freelance Fashion Publicist based in New York and Los Angeles. With these posts you have the option to learn more about the job opportunities and apply on the spot.


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